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CCCS of the Mid-Ohio Valley has been approved to provide counseling certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse nor assure the quality of an Agency's services.

Privacy Notice
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Mid-Ohio Valley, Inc. is committed to maintaining the privacy of individuals and/or families who have contacted us for assistance. We ensure that all information shared, both orally and in writing, will be managed within legal and ethical considerations. Personal information such as debt balance, debt obligation, income, living expenses and financial circumstances may be provided to creditors.  This information may not be provided to other parties without prior authorization.  We may also use aggregate case file information for the purpose of evaluating our services, gathering valuable research information and designing future programs. Your confidentiality will be maintained through the use of a unique individual client number or by using aggregate data in all circumstances.

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Representative Payee Services

CCCS of the Mid-Ohio Valley will make every effort to accommodate clients with a disability. If you think an alternative counseling format might be beneficial, please reach out to CCCS at 304-485-3141.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service BBB Business Review


Start Right: Build Your Own Business

Start Right: Build Your Own Business covers topics including:


Credit When Credit is Due has proven, measurable results. An evaluation of Credit When Credit Is Due showed that it resulted in a statistically positive and significant change in the student’s credit rating.

These results show increases in:


Credit When Credit Is Due

This award-winning course takes an in-depth look at how to build, maintain, and re-establish credit.

Student Loan Counseling

Explore your options for student loan repayment and review your financial outlook.


Through Check Wise interactive activities, clients will learn how to:


Check Wise

Helps clients understand the benefits of working with a mainstream bank or credit union for their financial service needs.

Through Money & Faith in Motion you will learn:


Money & Faith In Motion

A basic financial literacy program that incorporates sound money management skills and biblical principles.

CCCS of the Mid-Ohio Valley offers these Education courses to the public, businesses/organizations, and local schools.

Home Buyers Education: Make Your Move

Make Your Move covers essential topics clients need to  know before they buy a home, and after they become new homeowners, including:

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Post-Filing Education: Rebuilding After Bankruptcy

Rebuilding After Bankruptcy covers the following topics:

Not Required


Post Filing Disclosure


Pre-Discharge Education: Money In Motion

Money in Motion covers topics including:

Certificate provided upon completion.

Pre-Filing Disclosure


Bankruptcy Pre-Filing: Counseling In Motion

The course covers the following topics:

Certificate provided upon completion.

CCCS Online Services

Ready to get started?

Contact CCCS today and an experienced, Certified, Credit Counselor will get back with you quickly. Or, if you prefer to meet in person you can call 304.485.3141 or 866.481.4752 for an appointment.

We are a member of the National Foundation for Consumer Credit and have been since September 1971 and are a fully accredited agency.

Cost of each program is per individual.  

Sharpen Your Financial Focus

MyMoneyCheckUp is an online financial self-assessment tool designed to increase awareness and provide consumers with concrete steps to improve their financial well-being.

Contact CCCS of the MOV by calling 304-485-3141 or online to schedule an appointment with an NFCC Certified Financial Professional for a financial review.

Participate in a CCCS financial workshop. Designed as a “deep dive”, the education class will focus on the major areas of interest to the consumer. Visit our website’s News and Events page for a listing of workshop dates and times.